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By Eike Post, PhD

In today’s world, concentration and focus can be a challenge for many young adults. With the omnipresence of screens, notifications, and other digital distractions, it can be difficult to stay focused on any one task for an extended period of time. So why is concentration such a big problem for most people today? And what can we do to enhance our ability to focus? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

The Impact of Technology on Concentration

Technology is undoubtedly one of the biggest sources of distraction these days. Smartphones and tablets are equipped with apps that send notifications and alerts, while social media sites have become an integral part of our lives. These tools make it hard to focus on important tasks because they are designed to capture our attention—often at the expense of more productive activities.

Furthermore, technology has changed the way we consume information. We no longer read books or newspapers from cover to cover; instead, we scroll through content quickly in order to get the gist of it without actually committing ourselves to reading it all. This type of shallow reading makes it difficult for us to absorb information in-depth and retain it for later use.

How Can We Improve Our Concentration?

The good news is that there are ways to improve our ability to concentrate and complete tasks without distraction. Taking regular breaks throughout the day can help us recharge and refocus when needed. Setting boundaries between work and leisure activities also helps ensure that we don’t get too overwhelmed by work-related stress or personal obligations. Additionally, practicing mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing or meditation can help us stay focused on important tasks while allowing us some much-needed time away from digital distractions.


In a world where technology reigns supreme, concentration can be a challenge for many young adults. While digital distractions are unavoidable in today’s world, there are steps we can take to improve our ability to concentrate and complete important tasks without being constantly distracted by notifications or alerts from our phones or computers. By taking regular breaks throughout the day and setting clear boundaries between work and leisure activities, we can foster better habits that will help us stay focused when needed. Ultimately, improving our concentration will help us lead healthier lives both professionally and personally!

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