Limitless Productivity

Eike Post, PhD

Group facilitator

These days, it seems like the pressure to stay productive is higher than ever. But with the constant lure of social media and remote work conditions, staying focused enough to do our best job can be a challenge! Remote workers often lack an organizational structure which makes efficiency even harder – but knowing how important it is for success keeps us striving on.

This group is here to help you!

This coaching & support group is for you if:

  • You have problems staying focused
  • You procrastinate on important tasks
  • You have a hard time motivating yourself

This coaching group can help you achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of! We’ll show you how to break through procrastination, create efficient habits and organize your work environment. Plus, we’ll teach you all about effective meetings, masterful email-communication…and so much more. Ready for an amazing transformation? Join us now!

Get ready to learn and collaborate with peers in an engaging environment! Bring your questions as you explore the material through interactive Instructor presentations, Question & Answer sessions, and small group activities.

Your group facilitator

Eike Post, PhD

Group facilitator



Graduated in law, economics, and business, 3 bachelors, 3 Master and PhD (UC Berkeley, Cornell)

Specialised in viral marketing, product and project management.

Working and living as a digital nomad for over 15 years.