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At Psychometrica, we provide young people aged 15-25 with personalized support for making appropriate choices in life and professional career.

We help high school and university students:

  • Discover their strengths and learn to take advantage of their talents
  • Understand their weaknesses and learn to manage their impact
  • Identify their ethical values and motivators
  • Understand their personality and its potential implications on social relationships
  • Explore potential careers
  • Understand the opportunities and threats associated with different career choices
  • Feel empowered to make conscious, thoughtful life decisions from a young age

Like all our users, young people are free to get to know themselves by taking our psychometric tests and reading the detailed reports that describe their results. However, due to our commitment to youth development, we also make all our premium features free to users between 15 and 25 years of age to maximize their results.

Additionally, we organize insightful webinars and consultations with experts who aid adolescents in understanding the world and making life decisions that are likely to increase their future well-being.

Research shows that school, peer, and parent support of positive behaviors is important for adolescents to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Social support in the teenage years has a sustained positive impact on mental health well into adulthood and has a positive effect on future career development while reducing career indecision.

That is why on top of providing young people with expert support and know-how, we also use our platform to facilitate creating and nurturing relationships with like-minded peers who display a similar interest in growth and self-awareness. After webinars and lectures, we split the participants into break rooms that consist of four to six people and enable everyone to share their experiences, support each other, and possibly develop lifelong friendships.