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Social media addiction identification & support

At Psychometrica, we provide our users with the tools to identify whether they struggle with social media addiction and support in combatting this issue.

The average person now spends almost 2.5 hours per day on social media, and 46% of US teenagers report that they use the internet “almost constantly”. A large proportion of that time is spent passively – that is just browsing content with no actual social interactions – which has been proven to have a negative impact on well-being and increase depressive symptoms.

Especially in children and adolescents, excessive social media usage can lead to stunted social interaction skills, social anxiety, higher depression rates, negative body image, and lower empathy levels.

As our goal at Psychometrica is to improve people’s well-being and fulfillment, we decided to direct particular attention at the problem of social media addiction. We believe that tackling this issue can cause a positive snowball effect of growth and self-improvement by freeing up time and attention to be invested in healthier and more fulfilling activities like self-care, education, and nurturing personal relationships.

Every week, we provide 1-hour-long audio webinars where experts share tips and strategies for shifting attention from the passive consumption of social media feeds to more enriching activities. We also enable the participants to share their experiences, support each other, and enjoy productive social interactions that resemble real life in voice chat rooms composed of up to six people.