Feeling Good Circle

A positive space for cultivating joy and well-being.

Feeling Good Circle

Negative emotions are often intertwined with experiences of depression and anxiety, including panic attacks. If you're facing depression, you might find yourself navigating persistent feelings of sadness and discouragement. Simple daily tasks may appear daunting, while joy in usual activities might seem elusive. Likewise, with anxiety or panic attacks, life can be filled with recurring worry and unexpected moments of intense unease. This could disrupt your everyday rhythm, creating cycles of apprehension. Our community is here for you, offering a safe space to share, connect, and find comfort with others who understand.

Reasons to Join:

  • You're experiencing depression-related negative feelings
  • You're dealing with anxiety or panic attacks
  • You're seeking connection with others in a supportive community


If you're struggling with feelings of anxiety and sadness, this community can help you navigate these difficult emotions and find support in a community of like-minded individuals. You can expect to participate in interactive instructor presentations, Q&A sessions, venting sessions, mindfulness sessions, and guest speaker presentations to learn practical strategies for managing your emotions and finding inner peace. Our community will offer you a space to share your experiences, ask for guidance, make long-lasting connections, and celebrate your progress as you learn to cope with anxiety and sadness.