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IQ Test

MV2G Intelligence Assessment

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Personality Test

Swiss 16 PFD
Personality Inventory

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Love Style Test

Test of Predominant
Love Styles

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EQ Test

Test of Emotional Intelligence

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Ethical Values Test

16 SDGs Ethical

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Big5 Test

Colby Big5 Personality Traits Assessment

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Meet Psychometrica

Psychometrica improves people’s lives by combining social support and the science of psychometrics.

Technology lets us connect like never before, but all too often, we get caught up scrolling endless feeds and making unnecessary comparisons.

Psychometrica is here to change that. We help our members empower each other and build genuine connections in supportive communities based on shared goals and struggles.

Peer-to-peer support with expert guidance

What if you had friends who truly understand you… because they’re going through the very same thing?

Psychometrica makes it possible. We connect people based on shared experiences and empower them to support each other in comfortable small group settings.

Between peer-to-peer support sessions, we hold special events by expert coaches and therapists. Together, we improve our lives as individuals.

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Self-improvement through self-awareness

Achieving fulfillment and well-being is easier when your decisions align with your unique characteristics. This is equally true when it comes to career choices, relationships, personal goals, and many other spheres.

We believe that self-awareness is tremendously valuable to people at all stages of their lives, so we provide science-based psychometric tests in a fun, accesible format and at zero cost.

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The Psychometrica process

Our process is based on providing highly personalized support tailored to every member’s specific needs and characteristics. To make this happen, we create an in-depth psychometric profile of every user based on the tests they took on our platform.

Research shows that social connections are crucial for overall well-being, often even more so than income and physical health. With this in mind, we offer therapy and coaching in small groups, allowing users to share their experiences and receive support in a friendly, natural setting. This group dynamic can be especially beneficial for fostering a sense of community and connection.

Social Media Control

Gordana Mišković

Group facilitator

Limitless Productivity

Eike Post, PhD

Group facilitator

Business Success

Marius van Wyk, MBA

Group facilitator

Doing better, together

Whatever you’re struggling with, Psychometrica is here to help!

We are passionate about improving well-being through science. Our tests are a great way to get started on the journey to self-discovery and improvement, but as for long-term results, we believe they are the easiest to accomplish in good company.

You don’t have to do it alone – our Support Groups offer the opportunity to connect with other people who understand what you’re going through.

Whether you’re trying to deal with a personal problem or looking to improve your career performance, discussing it with other people with the guidance of a professional coach is certain to help you reach your goals.

You can join our uplifting communities of care and understanding from wherever you are located. Let’s do better, together.

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