About Us & Our Mission

About us

We're Psychometrica, a close-knit family of dreamers and doers based out of South Africa. Our journey began with a simple belief: Understanding ourselves better can truly transform our lives. This isn't just about careers or making it big; it's about finding our way in a world that often feels too busy to notice the individual. Whether you're figuring out your next step, or trying to manage the pull of social media, we're here to light up the path with the science of psychometrics.


Imagine a world where everyone gets to unlock their potential, not by chance, but by choice. That's the world we dream of - one where understanding yourself is the first step to building a life you love.


Our mission is two-fold, dedicated to bringing the best psychometric tests to the forefront of personal development:

  • Provide Top Psychometric Tests: Offering access to leading psychometric assessments to help individuals uncover their potential and navigate life's decisions with confidence.
  • Offer Career Guidance Based on Test Results: Delivering expert guidance and group counseling based on psychometric test outcomes, enabling informed career and life choices.

Our Partnerships

From our roots in South Africa, we've grown a global network, with teammates from the United States to Brazil. We also collaborate with a global network of researchers and academic institutions to develop and refine our psychometric tests. Our platform serves as a bridge between independent researchers and the public, facilitating the validation of new theories and the dissemination of scientific achievements. By sharing anonymous, aggregated data with respected academic entities, we contribute to the advancement of research in psychology and psychometrics.

Meet the Team

Behind every test, every piece of advice, and every story of transformation is our team, composed of psychometricians, psychologists, engineers, business people and designers - spread across the globe but united by our passion for making a difference.